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Who We Are

& Casey Burkholder

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team is the backbone of Black Lives Matter in New Brunswick Education 2022. Their ideas help shape the direction  of our movement as it continues to develop.

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Alicia Noreiga (She/Her)

Volunteer Supervisor

PhD Candidate - Education

Project Partners

Project Lead:

Alicia Noreiga-Mundaroy, PhD Candidate, UNB
alicia.noreiga [at]

Research Team (2021):

  • Felomena Deogratsias, B.A. student, STU

  • Oliva Ishimwe, B.A. student, STU

  • Olivia Rowinski, B.A. student, UNB

  • Ashley Swaby, B.A. student, STU

  • Kryssonia Wedderburn, B.A. student STU

  • Sara Nason, B.Ed, STU

  • Casey Burkholder, Associate Professor, UNB
    casey.burkholder [at]

Project Partners:

Jennifer Dow, Reviewer

Emelie Gagnon, French Translation

Sarah Harris, Teacher

Africville Museum


Fredericton Feminist Film Collective

Nova Scotia's Department of Education

  • The African Canadian Services Division

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Saint Thomas University

  • Faculty of Education

  • Office of Experiential Learning

  • University of New Brunswick

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